Handwriting Course

Terms and Conditions

1. After registration, please check your email Id (You will receive the receipt and a WhatsApp group link in the email address mentioned. Also check in Spam)

2. Please do join in the WhatsApp group to get further communication of the event and the instructions by the tutor

3. Please register the mobile number where the student have the access to use the mobile phone at the time of the event

4. Students have to submit their assignements in the dedicted WhatsApp group

5. The event will happen in Zoom PLatform

6. The event link will be sent on the daily basis before 30 Mins of the program

7. No recorded videos of the event will be provided to the participants

8. Internet strength is vital for the event and the registration fee cant be refunded if any network issue faced by the participants

9. The event timing and dates are subject to change by Hindu Tamil Thisai if required. If any changes happened, the same will be communicated in the WhatsApp group

This event is completed, please visit the home page for future events.

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