Navarathiri Kondattam

About the Event

"Navarathri Kondattam" is a perfect opportunity to spark your child's cultural curiosity! Your child will learn slokas (with their meanings), stories, and bhajans centered around Navaratri.

Platform : Google Meet

Terms and Conditions

1.The participants should have a smart phone while attending the session besides Laptop/ Desktop.

2.On Registering you will be directed to the payment gateway page

3.Registration fee per participant Rs.250/- (Inclusive of applicable GST).

4.On receipt of registration fee ,the participant will get a Link to their Registered Mobile number / Email before an hour.

5.Students from 3rd grade can register & Participate for this camp.

6.The Navarathiri Kondatam will be held for the 2 days(24-10-2020 to 25-10-2020) .

7.Each day participant has to spend one hour.

This event is completed, please visit the home page for future events.

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