About the Event

“Great Opportunity to make a beginning of learning a new Art”

Every culture practices ART and is the defining character of the human species. Irrespective of age or gender art has remained a great energizer. Learning and practicing any form of ART can be a great Stress buster.

Creativity is the hallmark of any ART. For those who wish to make a beginning and indulge in Creative Art, The Hindu Tamil Thisai and DOT School of Design provide a great platform to indulge.

On the occasion of Vijayadasami make a beginning in your journey of artistic exploration.

This would be an online workshop where an instructional video would be shared with you.

Terms and Conditions

The required materials for your chosen workshop.

Age 2-4

Colorful Hands or Bubble Wrap Print

Materials required:

1. A4 sheets (white) -minimum 5 nos.

2. Poster colors set

3. Bubble wrap-2 sheets

4. Round brushes- size 1,5,7

Age 5-8

Yarn Art

Materials required

1. Yarn-2nos.

2. Fevicol- One large bottle.

3. A4 sheets (white)- minimum 5 nos.

4. Poster colors- Min. 3 colors

Age 9-13

Newspaper Weave Basket

Materials required

1. Newspapers- 5sets

2. A toothpick or stick to roll newspaper

3. A4 sheets (assorted colors) – 2 sheets for each color

4. Scissors

5. Glue

6. Thick color chart sheets- 2 nos.

Age 14 and above

Jute Caft or Polymer Clay Projects –Flowers and Leaves

Materials required

1. Polymer clay –two packs

2. Plastic wires or thin thread

3. Scissors

4. Bowls- Different sizes

5. Jute rope – two rolls

6. Thick color chart sheets- 2 nos

7. Glue

This event is completed, please visit the home page for future events.

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