About the Event
  • Fiitjee & Hindu Tamil Thisai presents "MIND BEND" - Family fun quiz on 7th of March.2021
  • This is a fun event where the kid and family can play the interesting questions asked in the kahoot
  • Students from 6th to 12th grade can play the quiz by registering in their respective slots mentioned in the Terms & Conditions
  • Registrtaion is absolutely free
  • Mr. Vinod, Learning Coach & Director, Space Science Learning Club will host the event
  • Students must login for the event in the weblink which will be sent to you at the perfect time in order to avoid loosing the questions and marks
  • The winners of this event will be announced later
  • Please read the terms & conditions to understand the quiz
Terms and Conditions
  • Students must register for the event to participate
  • Students who use laptop can play with laptop and no need for additional devices
  • Students who play with smart phone must have 2 devices (One device to watch the question and one device to answer the question)
  • Students can participate with their parents / Guardians to enjoy the game
  • Laptop is enough to play this game
  • Participating in this online game show would consume network bandwidth, so please be available in a place where there is a good network connection
  • If you lost network connectivity, you will lose your accumulated points and would have to start over. So, please be in a place that has a good network connection
  • The questions will be visible on one device/ screen (Youtube Live) and answers will be available on another device/screen (Kahoot). You will have to check the questions and answer from another device
  • How to register with the game pin in Kahoot will be taught live, so do not worry about it
  • Please register according to the class studying by your child. If you have 2 children in different age groups, you can make separate registrations for each of them
  • The event link will be mailed before one hour of the event (Please provide your mail id correctly to receive the participation link)
  • Please access the link 5 mins before the start of the event and be there on time

This event is completed, please visit the home page for future events.

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